Getting Started

Getting Started

Server Connection Information:

GetWork Protocol:

Port: 8388, 8080, & 443

Stratum Protocol:

Hostname: stratum+tcp://
Port: 3342

Get the latest LuckyCoin client here:


Download a miner program:

cgminer: (For users with decent graphics cards)

Main download location is here: cgminer.
Windows users with GPU units: Download Windows Zip file
The source for cgminer is HERE.
You’ll want to read the README file for that also, which is HERE.
When running cgminer, make sure to pass the “–scrypt” argument, which is required for LuckyCoin.

CPUMiner (minerd – this is the one that you can use with your LuckyCoin client interfact):

Binaries for Windows: (32-bit) (64-bit)

Binaries for Linux: (x86) (x86-64)

Binaries for Mac OS X: (courtesy of shawnp0wers and phraust) (32-bit, outdated) (64-bit)

Linux users: download and compile cpuminer. Under Debian and Ubuntu, you can use the following recipe:
sudo apt-get install make automake build-essential git
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
git clone git://
cd cpuminer
./configure CFLAGS=”-O3″
./minerd –algo scrypt –url*GETWORK-PORT* –userpass *MINERUSERNAME*:*MINERPASSWORD*

This is a good miner, but it requires you to compile it. Best when running a dedicated rig on Ubuntu. You can get the sourcecode for that HERE.

Stratum Miner Proxy:
Use this if your miner doesn’t have stratum support built in and you still want to use stratum:
Stratum Mining Proxy with Scrypt Support